Welcome to Seriously Bo… A blog dedicated to beauty, lifestyle, health, mental health and general wellness. I hope you’re having a pleasant stay.

Let me introduce myself… My name is Bo. I’m a twenty-two year old gal from Melbourne, Australia. I’m not typically an interesting person up front, but when you get to know me or get me talking about something I really enjoy, then you may find yourself a wee bit interested.

I enjoy ranting and rambling about the things I am passionate about, so that’s why I created Seriously Bo. Because, seriously… I do talk a lot and I do have a lot to say. I hope you find something you like within this blog.

I have a wonderful partner, Christian, whom I adore with my whole heart. He is my rock and my sunshine, and I would be lost without him. We were basically forced together by my sister and his cousin, but jokes on them because our relationship worked out. Years later, and we are still going strong… Luckily!

There are these two tiny monsters that live with my partner and I… We call them Milly and Teddy. I adopted from them from an old family friend and it was the best decision of my entire life. They have brought such joy and happiness into my life that I have no idea what I would do without them now. I almost have separation anxiety when I’m away from them, it’s that bad. They are the most energetic, psycho puppers I have ever met and I am eternally grateful that they exist and that I have the pleasure of owning them.

You may or may not be aware, but I consider myself a mental health advocate. For many reasons, but the main one being I suffer from mutiple mental disorders that I struggle with in my day to day life. They have ruined a few things for myself, but I do try to push through and not let it consume my whole life, but, sometimes it’s hard. I try to advocate for the people who cannot, and for the stigma to end.

On top of this crazy life, with my dogs and my partner, I run an online health and wellness business, and it has truly been a blessing being able to spread positive vibes and selling products that I truly believe in. I’ve made so many amazing friends, and I’m so mad at myself for not starting this business earlier… But, you’ll hear more about it later.

If you would like to know more about anything, head over to my Instagram or send me a message through the contact page and we can have a chat.