Ever wondered what kind of treat you can make for your fur baby that is not only good for their health, but good for their appearance too? I have the perfect solution for you.

I recently discovered, thanks to my sister, an amazing, totally natural dog treat that takes not even five minutes to make!

First, I’ll tell you the ingredient list.

Organic coconut oil
Natural/organic peanut butter

Thats it! The only other things you’ll need are a saucepan, ice cube tray and a small jug (if you are uncoordinated like I am)!

The first step to making this delicious treat is to put your saucepan on the stove and warm it up. You don’t need to add any oil or anything as the coconut oil and peanut butter melt!

After you have let it warm up a little bit, put about 4 scoops of coconut oil into the saucepan and two scoops of peanut butter as well. I use these amounts as I have a few trays – I also don’t fill the trays all the way to the top, so that way it’s easier to get the treats out.

Once you have melted down the coconut oil and peanut butter to a smooth and creamy consistency, turn the stove off and pour the liquid into a jug. Once the liquid is in a jug, you can then go ahead and pour it into your ice cube trays.

Make sure to keep them even. I fill the cubes about 3/4 of the way to the top. This way, it’s easier to get them out and it doesn’t make a mess (unless you’re clumsy! ha ha!).

Once you have poured the liquid into the tray, all you have to do is put it in the fridge for a few hours and you have yourself a tasty dog treat!!

The beauty of these, is you can add any sort of other product in that you like; as long as it’s not harmful to your dog! I have put little pieces of Schmackos in with just coconut oil!

Coconut oil is SO good for your dog. Did you know it’s a natural antibacterial? You can use it to brush their teeth! Coconut oil is amazing for your dogs coat and skin health, so if your dog is lacking it’s shine or is suffering from some skin conditions, this may really help your pupper!

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