• Bright and early at @thebodypositive_expo ❤️ Today I’m lucky enough to volunteer to help the day run smoothly. This is such an incredible thing that @laceyjadechristie and @_thisiselysia have created for all of us #bopo babes to experience and get together to talk about everything #bodypositivity 🥰

Wearing: @esprliacurvy / use code SERIOUS15 to save some $$ at checkout 🤗 - $5 Off $45, Code: ESP5 - $10 Off $65, Code: ESP10 - $15 Off $100, Code: ESP15 *gifted
  • SOUND ON 🔊 Did you know I’m on Tik Tok? I’ve just started making videos and it’s SO fun to join in on the little challenges. I’m not very good at the editing stuff but I’ll get there 👏🏻 Come and join me and watch out as I make more crazy videos - my user is “seriouslybo” ❤️ @tiktok @tiktok_australia #tiktok #tiktokaustralia #pov2
  • I’m someone who suffers with chronic headaches and I always wondered why... so about a week ago I got my hands on a pair of @baxterblue_ non prescription glasses to filter out the blue light in technology I use, like my phone, laptop and even my tv 👀

Since using these every day, I have definitely noticed a change in how often I have headaches. I’d say it’s dropped by about 70% which is AMAZING 💥

My favourite part about having these glasses is that for every single pair purchased, Baxter Blue donate a pair to @restoringvision so that someone in need has a pair of much needed glasses 👓 
I do have a cheeky discount code, so if you want to start saving your eyes from those dreaded blue lights, then I 100% recommend #baxterblue ❤️ use code BO10 at checkout to save some 💸

I am wearing the limited edition pair Finch in baby pink 😌 *gifted
  • Power to the FUPA 🔥 I cant even tell you how many imperfections I have... like, I have a lot. But when you think about it, and I mean truly think about it... why do those imperfections matter? The social construct of having a perfect body is nothing more than a marketing gimmick. You are worth much more than that and your true beauty is your personality, and when that shines through, you are beautiful no matter what ❤️ I’m showing off my FUPA to raise awareness about how cute lil hanging tums and fatty pubic areas are ☺️ What do you want to bring attention to?
  • I’m still loving my @everydaylingerieco undies so I thought I’d post another photo and share my discount code with you all 🥰

Use code MODEL10 to save some $$ at checkout 👏🏻 this offer is valid until 29th October 2019 🔥

I wear mine every day and I’m absolutely in love with them. Literally the comfiest undies I have ever owned ❤️
  • Comfortable AND pretty. What more can I ask for? Thank you @fullbloomlingerie for making gorgeous bralettes for bigger busts ❤️ #fullbloomlingerie have just expanded their sizing to include sizes 18 and 20!!! Yay for bigger sizes 🤩
  • Stretch marks are sometimes very hard to accept. They come out of nowhere and they don’t really go away (unless you have procedures done) 👀

Have you ever wondered why society thinks stretch marks are so wrong?

There really is no reason as to why they have such negativity behind them - it’s just another stupid beauty standard that has been ingrained in our brains from a young age 😴

I say no more. Stretch marks are beautiful. They are a sign of life, of change, of happiness. Let’s swing that negative mindset into a positive one and start embracing small things about ourselves ❤️
  • Lots of my flaws are showing in this photo, but you know what? I totally love it 👏🏻 Feeling incredible next to all of these amazing women I met at the launch shoot at @everydaylingerieco ❤️ ELC has sizes 8-22 now available on the website in briefs, g-string and boyshorts 😍 #everydaylingerieco
  • I was fortunate enough to be apart of the launch photoshoot of @everydaylingerieco ❤️ It was such an amazing experience and definitely pushed my mental space into the right direction.

Everyday Lingerie Co is definitely on the right track with their morals and their products. Everyday woman in everyday lingerie. It’s such an amazing concept that has been bought to life - and it’s something I am very passionate about: all bodies are good bodies 🥰

These undies are so incredibly comfortable. Ever since the shoot a couple of weeks ago, I’ve literally only worn the #everydaylingerieco undies and oh man, no weird rubbing, no wedgies, no uncomfy feeling... they’re amazing.

Thank you @everydaylingerieco and congratulations Danielle for the launch of your inspiring brand. I see you will change a lot of people’s lives and I hope you continue to be amazing and do amazing things ❤️ The website is NOW LIVE so you can go and get yourself some comfy undies 🤤