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Hey, I’m Bo!

Hey, I’m Bo!

I'm a 22 year old gal from Melbourne, Australia, here to bring you my take on beauty, mental health and some reviews here and there. Read More

xoxo, Bo

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  • Thankful to @kitzlivingfoods for giving me delicious snacks to try. I’m lactose intolerant and I also have IBS so my gut doesn’t always love what I eat... Thankfully my gut absolutely loves the goodies I’ve been given 😍

45+ gluten free, dairy free, raw and vegan snacks are available from their website - I also have a cheeky discount code valid until 31/12/2019 ❤️ Use code BO20 at checkout for 20% off

#gifted #kitzlivingfoods
  • I have every right to wear a sexy body suit. I have every right to feel sexy. I have every right to love the skin I’m in. I have every right to be HAPPY 💫

Confidence comes in all shapes and forms. I feel confident when I feel sexy. When do you feel confident?

Bodysuit: @brasnthings
  • Bedtime just got a whole lot better now that I have a mattress that allows me to sleep peacefully whilst my partner (and dogs!) tosses and turns beside me - it has zero partner disturbance, which means it absorbs the impact, resulting in an undisturbed sleep 💤 It’s great knowing that I can sleep through the night without waking up to my dogs walking around the bed trying to get comfortable 😂

Not only will I get a good nights sleep, the mattress comes with a full 10 year warranty incase anything happens to it. Isn’t @koala great?! 🐨

Head over to @koala and see their range of products, maybe even purchase a mattress for yourself with a cheeky discount code - use MATESWITHBO for 10% off anything 😁

#sponsored #sleepwithkoala
  • Looking after yourself and practicing self care isn’t always running a bath and sitting in front of the TV. It can be anything that helps YOU - wether it be your feelings on the inside or your outer appearance!

Skincare is one of my favourite self care things to do. There is something so relaxing about chucking on a face mask and some moisturising products or even some spot treatments 🥰

What do you do to practice self care?
  • You can tan no matter what size you are 👏🏻 I’m a newbie tanner and have been lucky to find a size inclusive brand of tan.

A tan for EVERY body 🥰 @tantootie
  • I finally took the leap and got a @koala mattress, and I am so excited to finally have a mattress that won’t leave me with a sore back! It’s always been a huge issue for me as I suffer with scoliosis and flat back syndrome which left me really uncomfortable in the morning 😭

Not only is the Koala mattress 100% Australian made, they also adopt a REAL KOALA 🐨 with every single purchase of a mattress or bed base - which means you get a cute little koala toy and an official adoption certificate from the WWF!

I was lucky enough to be given a promotion code, so if you want a new mattress (that won’t leave you sore in the morning) and to adopt a cute little koala, head over to the @koala website and use my code MATESWITHBO for 10% off anything 🐨🥰 #sponsored #koalamattress #sleepwithkoala
  • Oh, my body offends you? That sounds like a personal problem 🤷🏻‍♀️ With THAT article making the rounds, we have to stand taller and stronger together, more than ever. Us larger people, we deserve love too. We deserve to workout, to be comfortable, to dress nicely, to do everything that a thinner person can do. We deserve it because we matter.

Big girls can do it too 🙌🏻
  • I used to hate wearing bodysuits. I have a weird hip dip that makes my stomach/hips look like a donut. I was also self conscious about that part of my body because it made wearing certain clothes hard to wear... it didn’t look cute 🤷🏻‍♀️but I have definitely learned in the past year that I can definitely wear what I want and that I should wear what I want. My partner loves me and gives me endless compliments so it makes my self love journey a lot easier 💜

Bodysuit: @brasnthings
  • Cute lunch with my boo at @carlsjr 👀

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