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  • I am not your conventional beauty. I’m fat. I have a weird body shape. I have stretch marks. I’m short. My boobs are uneven. I have a flat ass. The list is endless... But you know what? That doesn’t mean I am not beautiful. Beauty is defined in so many ways, shapes and forms. Beauty is not a one size fits all.

I’m plus size and proud of myself. I love my body and I am happy with my body image.

In relation to @ariellanyssa post - I am also sick of society, brands, agencies, and people in general telling me and telling other woman, men and people that their bodies aren’t good enough.

  • I miss the spring weather where you can throw a cute little dress on and a cardigan over the top and be comfortable ☺️ Dress: @kmartaus (also needs a good iron lol)
  • Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a service that sent lingerie to your door every month? Oh wait, there is 😎

@amorelingeriebox is a new company that sends a cute little box of lingerie to your door when you buy a monthly subscription. I think that’s such a cool idea and I’m super lucky they were kind enough to let me test a few of the items from a box 🥰

Also a little PSA: embrace that chub! Us bigger gals can’t hide in baggy clothes forever!! If my fat offends you, then that speaks more about you than it does me 👋🏻👏🏻 #amorelingeriebox #gifted
  • Not only does @fashionpopboutique do some cute formal clothes, they also have clothes perfect for dressing like that boss babe you truly are. This peplum top is right up there on the list of work clothes that I absolutely LOVE ❤️ Not only does it fit perfectly, it’s also super cozy and feels really soft on the skin. I’m wearing a size 20 here 👌🏻 Don’t forget to use the code POPPED10 to save some $$ at checkout ✅

Do you like work wear?

#gifted #fashionpopboutique
  • I support @fashionpopboutique because of their incredible values and their effort to make all women feel beautiful in the skin they’re in. Their whole business is about empowering women to be strong and to turn FASHION INTO POWER 💪🏻 This dress is absolutely gorgeous and I will definitely be wearing this out to an event whenever I get the chance. I’m wearing a size 20.

Also peep that cellulite 👀 I love the skin I’m in and I’m proud to show it off ❤️ #fashionpopboutique #gifted #turningfashionintopower

Don’t forget to use code POPPED10 at checkout to save some $$
  • Turning fashion into power with @fashionpopboutique 🥰

They are releasing more and more cute AF plus size clothes along with their general line, and I definitely recommend everyone check them out.

use code POPPED10 at checkout to save some $ 👌🏻#gifted
  • So grateful that an amazing donut shop opened within two minutes of my house. Now I don’t have to drive 20 minutes for a decent donut 👀

Absolutely blessed @officialdonutopia exists!! Do YOU like these kinds of donuts or the regular ones?! 🍩

#notsponsored #iwish #gourmetdonuts #donutopia #boronia
  • Cleaning has always been something I haven’t enjoyed (has anyone?) - and having so many products with so many toxic chemicals in them always made me super anxious. Luckily, @cleanedbykoh is a super convenient, all in one cleaning product and I’m so bloody happy I got it! 😍

There are no harsh chemicals, no toxic fumes and it’s even eco-certified! The best thing about it is that it’s AUSSIE MADE 🇦🇺 Use code SERIOUSLYBOKOH via @cleanedbykoh website to save some money at checkout - I have the home mop bundle and it’s awesome!

#gifted #cleanedbykoh #kohclean #koheffect #nontoxixliving #naturalhome #crueltyfreelife #veganproducts #vegancleaning #petfriendlycleaning #familyfriendlycleaning #cleaningmadeeasy #aussieinfluencer
  • Thankful to @kitzlivingfoods for giving me delicious snacks to try. I’m lactose intolerant and I also have IBS so my gut doesn’t always love what I eat... Thankfully my gut absolutely loves the goodies I’ve been given 😍

45+ gluten free, dairy free, raw and vegan snacks are available from their website - I also have a cheeky discount code valid until 31/12/2019 ❤️ Use code BO20 at checkout for 20% off

#gifted #kitzlivingfoods