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  • Wear that crop top and show that cute AF belly!!!! 🥰

Bather top: @kmartaus
  • I wear my @everydaylingerieco a lot. They’re hands down the comfiest undies I own - they’re amazing when you have your period and need that extra little bit of support too. That’s my fav part ❤️ Posted @withregram • @everydaylingerieco Smile your way into this week with your Everyday Lingerie Co undies on your body. 
Head to our website to grab a pair or two of the comfiest undies you’ll ever wear! ​
​ #EverybodyEveryday #EverydayLingerieCo #Comfortable #ActiveWear #SportsWear
  • Being a bigger gal, I found it really daunting to self tan in fear that it would highlight all of my cellulite and skin blemishes... I had a fear that it would make my skin look terrible and I would look bigger than I actually was 🥺

I went from being paranoid and never self tanning, to being in love with a self tanning brand called @tantootie - their formula is absolutely incredible. Because it comes in one shade, and how the formula is made... YOU get to decide how dark you want to be, and the best part is, it suits all skin tones.

I am incredibly pale, and when I say that, I mean it. My skin reflects off of the sun and blinds you 😂 But this tan actually compliments my skin and all I do is leave it on an hour, wash it off, and it looks like I have a nice sun kissed glow 😍

Thank you #tantootie for being an amazing Australian brand!
  • The face I make when I see hot cross buns available in shops... 😍

Let’s remind ourselves that just because it’s a new year, doesn’t mean it has to be a “new you”. Changing your physical appearance will not mend your mental scars and being thin will not make you happy. So go and eat all the hot cross buns you want and live fearlessly ❤️ Swimmers: @kmartaus
  • Reminiscing about being a part of this incredible shoot with @everydaylingerieco - it was such a humbling and liberating experience and I’m glad I was able to work with a company who’s valued align with mine. It’s just a perk that their products are incredibly comfortable and cute AF 👀🥰 Posted @withrepost • @everydaylingerieco Giggling at those of you that haven’t experienced the wonderful world of bamboo lingerie. What are you waiting for? Come and join us to experience the magic. ​
  • The truth is, the concept of the perfect body is bogus. No body is perfect. The media and the majority of society has been pushing the concept of a perfect body and ingraining it into our minds from a young age.

I’m going to straight up tell you, that it’s bullsh*t. The body you have right now, the one that’s done so much for you... it’s wonderful the way it is.

Your weight, your appearance do not make you who you are. It also doesn’t change the fact that you are a human being and you deserve respect, regardless of what you look like 👏🏻 I’m urging you to challenge your inner thinking’s and let yourself be YOU. Unapologetically you. Don’t let society tell you that you aren’t good enough because you aren’t a tiny size or you don’t have certain coloured hair or eyes.

Show up as yourself and be free. I believe in you ❤️ Bathers: @kmartaus
  • Don’t forget to take some time for yourself after this xmas period. It’s such a taxing time... physically and mentally.

It’s important to look after yourself. Go do something for you!

Swimmers: @kmartaus
  • Women need to stick together. Lift each other up. Be supportive of all other women.

When did it become popular to pick on other women and tear them down? I’m not sure, but it needs to end.

How are we meant to push past negative ideals surrounding women if we don’t stick together?

Grab your ladies and be kind to one another. The world will be a better place ✌🏻
  • We shouldn’t need to or have to minimise ourselves to fit into a society that struggles to accept people as human beings.

Don’t let yourself be viewed as tiny. Stand up tall and be proud of yourself. You can do it ❤️