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  • When life gives you lemons, make lemonade 🍋

How adorable are these lemon earrings by @oskaraustralia ?! I’m absolutely in love with them and they’re super cute to complete an outfit. You’ll definitely be seeing these in my ears a lot 👀

SWIPE to see them up close!
  • So in love with my @littlesomethingsleepwear personalised pj’s 🥰

They are SO luxurious and they’ve just recently expanded their size range, which is perfect because Christmas is just around the corner 🎄

Swipe to see some bloopers with my puppers 🐶 They wanted to be in the photos!
  • My body is just as good as a thin body and deserves just as much respect. I am going to continue to take up the same amount of space I always have and I will never apologise for it. My body does wonderful things and I will love it forever ❤️
  • COSMETIC INJECTIONS ‼️ SWIPE FOR BEFORE AND AFTER ‼️ I was so lucky to have @cosmeticnursebrittany reach out to me to see how she could help me with cosmetic injections. I jumped at the chance because one of my biggest insecurities is my mouth as it lifts weirdly on one side and goes gummy!

We did a simple procedure (that takes literally a minute), called a lip flip!! Just four simple injections of Botox to relax the muscles a little and pull the lip back/up to make the lips look poutier 👄

In the before and afters (before top, after bottom) you can see that my smile would pull to one side/go gummy on one side when I would smile open mouth. I really didn’t like this so @cosmeticnursebrittany helped even that up and I am SO BLOODY HAPPY with the results!!!! I am literally over the moon because it’s something so simple to help fix something I didn’t really like. All whilst still keeping a natural look 🥰

I booked with Brittany at Chadstone Shopping Centre but she’s also at a couple of other locations across Melbourne! I 100% trust her and I will definitely be going back to get fillers next as well as take my mum to her for some Botox too 🤗

Cheeky swipe to the last one and you can see a video of me getting my lip flip done! *I had the procedure done two weeks ago - that’s not bruising it’s the phone shadow in the lighting
  • I was lucky enough to be invited to take part in a very important photoshoot and the topic is something very close to me and something I will always promote.

#everybodyisabikinibody is something that I would love to scream from the rooftops and project to the entire world - but sadly, social media and societal standards discourage people from being happy in their own bodies. They project the idea that everyone has to have the perfect ratio body, flawless skin and to die for looks; but the honest truth is that you can look however you want to look.

My body may be fat and wonky, but I love it and I will wear my skin with pride. Every single person, no matter their size, shape, skin colour or age should be able to feel good about themselves - and they should definitely be able to go to the beach or pool and wear whatever the heck they want without being judged or criticised.

The photoshoot I was a part of showcases and highlights the point that we are all beautiful and all entitled to be comfortable and happy in our skin. I did struggle when I was younger to enjoy my body, and as I got older it became more apparent that i had to be skinny to fit in - but that’s so far from the truth, it’s crazy. It took me a long time and it was a long journey to become comfortable with my body and the way it looked, but the journey was so worth it that I wouldn’t change it for the world ❤️ If you want to do something but fear you can’t because of the way you look - remember that it’s okay to be scared and it’s more than okay to go against what society tells you. It’s okay to be yourself and love yourself. 
Photos are coming soon ❤️
  • Learning to love yourself is not just loving yourself in the good times, but also loving yourself when you’re goofing off and letting your double chin and rolls flap around 🤣

I promised I would show you the authentic me - and this is me 100%! Goofy, loud and playful 😜

Embrace yourself in ALL of your forms. Every single one of them. I promise you will enjoy yourself 100x more ❤️
  • Free and fabulous in @esprliaplus ❤️ Absolutely in love with this dress. It’s so cute and such a 50s vibe!
$5 Off $45 Code: ESP5
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  • No makeup day today 🥰 Had a lovely dinner at @hogsbreathknox
  • Remember: you are allowed to take up space no matter your condition or appearance. You are valuable to our society and to your friends and family. You’re special and you should know that.

I used to tell myself I couldn’t do specific things because of my weight. That I was too fat - but honestly, f**k it! I’m on this earth and I demand to be taken seriously and seen as a person: because I AM.

So chuck that lingerie on, wear that crop top, show off those legs... do the things you never thought possible. Stuff other people’s opinions because they don’t matter! #standup