About Me

About Me

I'm just a 22 year old gal from Melbourne, Australia who has a passion for empowering people to be themselves and not let anyone stand in the way of that. I revolve myself around mental health, beauty, body positivity and general wellness.


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  • I understand it’s hard to conquer the fear of loving your body, but the feeling that awaits you when you do, is the best feeling in the world 💞 Bodysuit: @brasnthings
  • People will always try to bring you down when you’re a little bit successful. It bloody sucks that some people can’t celebrate each other’s growth and development... Instead they like to be nasty and let their jealousy shine through - what’s super important is to not let this affect you. Block, delete, ignore... do whatever it takes to replace the hate with positivity and keep being true to yourself ‼️ Makeup: @makeupby_clairemarie #helloebony
  • Be kind to your friends and strangers but be mindful of how much you’re really giving. Some may take advantage of the fact that your soul is kind and you will do anything to help... It can become exhausting and not only mentally but physically draining. It’s important to still be kind, but know when to say no ❤️ Bodysuit: @kmartaus • Makeup: @makeupby_clairemarie
  • I don’t know if you know this, or if you need a little reminder, but your uneven boobies are beautiful. Your chub is beautiful. Your stretch marks are beautiful. Your skin is beautiful. Your soul is beautiful. YOU are beautiful 💘 (Instagram deleted my last post, which was NOT breaking guidelines and I am very upset but I will not repost it as some childish people were clearly offended by it) Bralette: @kmartaus
  • Whilst my partner is sick, and I am looking after him, it’s also important I look after myself. Even if it’s in the smallest of ways. I put on a nice hydration face mask by @skinstitut and put on my favourite dressing gown and just relaxed whilst I had a spare couple of minutes ❤️ Don’t drown yourself with other tasks, take the time to look after yourself, even if it’s only for a minute. If you don’t, you’ll burn yourself out and feel even worse!
  • Its too hot today to even take photos, so have one from my camera roll that I took over last weekend. Again, with the bodysuit by @brasnthings so @anastasiabeverlyhills lipgloss 💫
  • Skincare is literally one of my favourite things. I LOVE face masks so much that I do them a minimum of twice a week 👏🏻 This mask I’m wearing is the blue clay mask by @lorealskin and it’s absolutely incredible. It helps my skin to clear breakouts and helps my skin glow 💫 What is YOUR fave skincare product?
  • WHO SAYS BIG GIRLS CANT BE HEALTHY?! 🤷🏻‍♀️ I live a very healthy lifestyle, even though I have multiple conditions that want it to be otherwise. I suffer with PCOS, an under active thyroid, iron deficiency, mental health problems and physical ailments such as scoliosis, flat back syndrome, knees that pop out all the time and old injuries from sport (that I had played my whole life basically) 😬 SO if you’re someone who thinks big girls arent healthy because we have rolls, then you’re an ignorant ass and need to have a reality check 🥰 Fat phobia isn’t cute and you gotta check yourself because you wreck yourself 👏🏻 thanks for coming to my TED talk 👋🏻 Active wear top and pants: @kmartaus
  • I love my tummy and I love my stretch marks. I think they’re both super cute and they make me, me 🤗 was inspired to show my fupa 💫

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